We have prepared the slide set for OSTEP book to help the instructors to prepare for their class.
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Operating System Slide Set (Operating Systems: Three Easy Pieces)

  1. Introduction
  2. The Abstraction: The Process
  3. Interlude: Process API
  4. Mechanism: Limited Direct Execution (video link1, video link2, video link3, video link4, video link5)
  5. Scheduling: Introduction
  6. Scheduling: The Multi-Level Feedback Queue
  7. Scheduling: Proportional Share (video link1, video link2, video link3)
  8. Multiprocessor Scheduling (Advanced) (video link)
  9. The Abstraction: Address Space (video link)
  10. Memory API (video link)
  11. Address Translation (video link)
  12. Segmentation (video link)
  13. Free-Space Management (video link)
  14. Paging: Introduction (video link)
  15. Translation Lookaside Buffers (video link)
  16. Advanced Page Tables (video link)
  17. Swapping: Mechanisms (video link)
  18. Swapping: Policies (video link)
  19. Concurrency: An Introduction (video link)
  20. Interlude: Thread API (video link)
  21. Locks (video link)
  22. Lock-based Concurrent Data Structures (video link)
  23. Condition Variables (video link)
  24. Semaphore (video link)
  25. Common Concurrency Problems (video link)
  26. Event-based Concurrency (Advanced)
  27. I/O Devices (video link)
  28. Hard Disk Drives (video link)
  29. RAID (video link)
  30. File and Directories (video link)
  31. File System Implementation (video link)
  32. Locality and The Fast File System (video link)
  33. Crash Consistency: FSCK and Journaling (video link)
  34. Log-Structured File Systems (video link)
  35. Flash-based SSDs (video link)

EE415 Code Set.

  1. Week1

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