Research in OSLab@KAIST


We innovate the way to run the computing platforms faster, quicker and with less energy. We deal with wide variety of different computing platforms ranging from the smartphones to the HPC server with hundreds of CPU cores. We investigate the OS issue in the smart watch.  Our work majorly involves the deep understanding on the internals of the modern Operating Systems. Followings are the list of the topics we have actively engaged in doing research. Please refer to the publication list to understand what we are doing.

• Filesystem design for Flash Storage
• Software support for NVRAM
• Manycore Scalability for modern big data application
• Machine Learning runtime
• Systems support for Block Chain Applications


The OSLab has published a number of open source tools which are widely used to perform in-depth study for Android smartphone. They include MOST, Mobibench, Mobigen and etc. These tools are used by the industry as well as by the academia from various parts of the world. These tools makes it extremely easy to acquire detailed knowledge in Android IO subsystem. We have developed novel persistent heap layer, HEAPO, which successfully eliminates the heavy filesystem overhead in managing NVRAM. We developed a transactional block device driver, NVRAMDISK, for NVRAM which provides fail-safe atomicity. If you are avid kernel developer and system hacker, join us and participate in advancing the state of art! If you want to be an excellent developer, but do not know where to start, no problem. Just get motivated! Our grad school has a strong program to train you as an independent and competitive system developer.

Industry Collaborators