Join us!

If you are interested in doing something with Linux Kernel, in exploring the system issues with big data analysis, block chain, machine learning runtime or in hacking your Android smartphone, join us. We are seeking for an outstanding and motivated graduated students in MS and PhD level. We are also actively looking for Postdoctoral researcher and welcome visiting scholar.

The subject, “OS kernel”, is usually known for its high entry barrier. You may really want to  be a kernel expert, but may not have any idea about where to start from. That is not a problem!
The first and the only thing you need to bear to join OSLab @ KAIST is “desire to learn”. We give the student plenty of time and opportunities to get himself/herself familiarized with the domain knowledge. It definitely is good to have strong background on the OS/kernel internals to start working in OSLab, but it is not a requirement. The OSLab will help you become independent and excel.