The paper, “I/O Stack Optimization for Smartphones”, written by Sooman Jeong, Kisung Lee, Seongjin Lee, Seoungbum Son, and Youjip Won, has won the prestigious Best Paper Award from ATC, which is the world class computer science conference.

There were total of 233 submissions made to the conference and only 33 papers were accepted as the final proceedings. Reviewers have evaluated the quality and depth of the paper in choosing the best paper, and they have also accounted responses from the audience of the conference. Among the accepted 33 papers, only one Best Paper Award is given, and ESOS Lab. has won the award.

Congratulations once again to all of the authors who have toiled so hard.

Visit USENIX ATC 2013 [website] to access the papers or [Link_to_the_paper]






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